Prominence Poker’s Next Console Update Adds Loot Cases

by Palabar

Fans of Prominence Poker won’t need to wait for the long-anticipated free update to the popular poker game! PC users are able to access the update though Steam right now, and us console gamers will, according to the dev team, get the update this month.

The update, Known as the Diamonds Affiliation upgrade, will see many new features added to Prominence Poker, as well as a few much-needed bug fixes. New features will include:

• Ability to join the Diamonds Affiliation

• A new venue: The Diamonds Executive Suite

• New rewards

• New underground content

• New achievements

• Loot cases

• 5-50 additional levels per affiliation

Perhaps the most exciting of these new features for Prominence Poker players is the introduction of loot cases to the game. They are awarded each time a player levels up, and cases can include shop items, chips, boosts and more. This is certainly an even bigger incentive for players to level up as quickly as they can, and may even bring new players to the game as gaining these cases will be easier the lower your level.

The update has also promised a free boost for all players, better match-making for ranked players so that you are matched against an opponent with similar skills, and the level cap has been removed, meaning players can now level up (and receive loot cases) as much as they like.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game itself, Prominence Poker is a strategy game with a twist. Developed by 505 games and released last August, Poker Prominence is a Free to Play (F2P) game that has been praised for its in-depth game options and multiplayer that make the virtual game feel as real as possible. The devs actually enlisted the help of professional poker player Max Pescatori to advise on how players and their opponents would react in hundreds of different scenarios, ensuring players really felt like they were playing a real poker game.

The premise of the game sees players trying to make their way through an underground poker world, making a reputation for themselves as a star player. To do this, Prominence Poker players will need to take part in poker tournaments against other players in online games making use of the game’s bluff-and-tell system. This system allows its players to learn exactly how professional players work to tell if their opponents are bluffing through tells such as how they check their cards and speed of play. And for this, you need to be just as good at bluffing as you are at playing poker. In fact, this game is so realistic that you may need to brush up on your hand rankings and other poker knowledge before you pick up your controller!

The perfect amalgamation of real-world poker without playing for real money, many see Prominence Poker as a superb way to both raise poker’s profile, but also encourage gamers to work on their strategy technique, therefore improving how their brains work. Rather than many games, which just involve players running and gunning in order to succeed.

Prominence Poker is available to buy on Steam and the Playstation Store.

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