Hob Releasing On PlayStation 4 On September 26

by EdEN, Owner

Hob from Runic Games will be releasing on PlayStation 4 on September 26. Come check out a new trailer, as well as some new info and screens!

Wonder Russell from Runic Games had this to say:

Along your journey, you’ll collect sword shards in the world and be able to upgrade your weapon. But where you get them just might be more intriguing than how. Dotted throughout the world are the Fallen Soldiers – cloaked figures with a silhouette not unlike your own, kneeling beneath a patina of age and rust. Around you are the ruins of a civilization, so what happened to these Fallen Soldiers? And could you possibly be related? You’ll have to play to uncover the mystery!

We’ve been looking forward to playing the game ever since it was announced as coming to PS4 during the PlayStation Experience, so be sure to stick around at PS4Blog.net to learn more about the game as we get closer to its launch!

Hob 3

Hob 2

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