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Everybody’s Golf Out Now On PlayStation 4 |

Everybody’s Golf Out Now On PlayStation 4
EdEN, Owner
  • On August 30, 2017

Everybody’s Golf is now finally available for all on PlayStation 4, and we have the game’s launch trailer for you to check out right here!

Tomoyo Kimura, Associate ISD Producer at Sony Interactive Entertainment, had this to say:

With an open world that players are free to explore at their leisure, you’ll connect with up to 50 players when you play online. And if you hadn’t already heard, Everybody’s Golf has plenty of fun activities that you can participate in when you need a break from the links.

You’ll unlock Fishing and Golf Carts as you improve your skill level and beat rival characters while progressing through the five available Open Courses. Once you’ve unlocked Fishing and Golf Carts, you can pick up your fishing gear at the counter by the pond and golf carts will magically appear by pressing the triangle button while walking the course. Treasure Hunting events, however, are randomly placed throughout Open Courses and all coins collected can be used at the shop!

Everybody’s Golf - 3

Everybody’s Golf - 2

Everybody’s Golf - 1