BlogCast – Episode 258

by Clint

Well there was quite a bit of interesting news to go over in this episode, from an anime announcement for Persona 5 to major changes being testing for Battlefield 1. We also get information about a crafting system coming to The Evil Within 2, and there is some internet investigation into one possible location in The Last of Us Part II.

I gotta say I’m really looking forward to the Battlefield 1 changes. The next expansion has a bunch of snow maps that have all looked really great, and the specializations they’re testing on the CTE are a lot like the perks in BF3 which is awesome.

But what about you? Are you still playing Battlefield 1 or do you have a different multiplayer game that you keep going back to? Let us know in the comments below!


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Here’s a list of some things we discussed:

  • New releases
  • Persona 5 is getting an anime
  • The Evil Within 2 crafting system
  • Battlefield 1 CTE and Specializations
  • The Last of Us Part II possible setting
  • Secret word

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