Thimbleweed Park Is Coming to PS4 On August 22!

by EdEN, Owner

Legendary Game Designer Ron Gilbert of the many legends you’ve heard of “back in the day” has announced that Thimbleweed Park will be released on PlayStation 4 on august 22!

Ron Gilbert himself, he of legend, had this to say:

The game initially follows agents Ray and Reyes as they investigate a body found in the river just outside the town of Thimbleweed Park. Players can freely switch between the two of them and solve puzzles to try and find out who murdered the poor guy under the bridge.

But then things get weird.

There is something going on in Thimbleweed Park and it’s much deeper than a murder. Agents Ray and Reyes are soon joined by Ransome (a clown), Delores (a wannabe game designer), and Franklin (a dead pillow salesman).

Then things get really weird.

Thimbleweed Park - 2

I very much look forward to playing the game on PlayStation 4 next month!

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