[Review Revisited] Adventures of Pip

by the_nmac

Can a single pixel make a difference? That is the premise of Adventures of Pip. You start small and defend the kingdom!! Learn more in our Adventures of Pip review!

Adventures of Pip is a very unique platformer released by Tic Toc Studios. It has players start as a single pixel who gains the power to evolve into an 8-bit character and then later into a 32-bit character. As you play through levels you switch between the different versions of the main character since each one has different skills.

The game is a blast bringing some old-school charm to the adventure and making it a lot of fun – while also being a challenging experience. Along with getting through the levels, you can also rescue villagers in each stage so that you can repopulate the main village. Some will even offer you some valuable help!

I enjoyed the tough platforming of the game, but others might find it a bit too difficult. That being said, be sure to give the game a try as it’s packed with charm, humor, and, most importantly character.

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