[PS4] Spellspire Review

by Tracey

Are you ready to play a 20+ hours in a new RPG from 10tons? Then you’re certainly ready to read our Spellspire review to learn more about this fun game!

Those of you who are fans of Letter Quest Remastered, which I reviewed last year, will certainly get a similar vibe from Spellspire, which is not a bad thing! While similar, Spellspire expands on the formula and gives us 100 floors to overcome with 100 challenge stars to obtain. And once you’re done with the main game you will unlock the dungeons for more content! Depending on how large of a vocabulary you have at your disposal, you’re looking at 20+ hours just to complete the game, not to mention how a Platinum run would take you a bit longer than that!

As for the game itself, you play as a wizard who is trying to make it to the very top of the tower with his trusty wand and his wizard knowledge. You need to spell words (get it?) to take down your enemies across the 100 floors you’ll traverse. As you progress through each floor the difficulty will bump up, so you’ll need to use longer and stronger words to survive. Every ten floors you will face off against a boss that can one hit kill you if you’re not careful, and this is where the grind could come in if you haven’t upgraded your gear.

Spellspire Review - 1

You can buy new weapons and new armor, and upgrade them as well, with the resources you collect from your adventuring. This way you can dish out more damage and take a strong hit or two without dying. You can even upgrade your health bar! The only problem is that the upgrades get devilishly more expensive with each purchase. So when a floor becomes too tough, you will need to replay earlier floors for more coins to purchase upgrades to help you progress in the game.

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To take down your enemies, you must create words of up to a maximum of ten letters. The longer the word, the greater the damage you deal. Once you clear out a floor, you can open the treasure chest at the end which contains a potful of coins. The further up the tower you go, the bigger your funds grow. Also worth noting is that in your inventory is a treasure chest that you can open every few hours for rewards such as coins, potions, etc.

Spellspire Review - 4

Spellspire is a very addictive word puzzler, and trophy hunters are going to love the fact that the game is cross-buy, so a single purchase gets you the PS4 and PS Vita versions, each one with its own trophy list! So if you have, say, 100+ hours of time, you can certainly Platinum the game twice. It’s not that hard to do, it’s just that it takes a lot of time, since no trophy is missable!

Spellspire Review - 5

I highly recommend Spellspire. The hand-drawn graphics are charming, the music is quite enjoyable, and there is a good variety of enemies for you to face. It’s a game that is easy to pick up and play, and, who knows, you might even learn a new word or two in each floor you complete!

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