[PS4 Double Review] Micro Machines World Series Review

by ThaRaven403

Micro Machines World Series is the newest addition to the Micro Machines franchise, which is a long running flagship franchise for Codemasters that goes back into the original 8-bits Nintendo game. Ceidz played that game after renting it more than one time and remembers every single time he played it. Now the franchise has been resurrected on a current gen console, with full online capabilities. Learn more in our Micro Machines World Series review!

This is a double review for Micro Machines World Series. The game was played by ThaRaven403 and Ceidz. This review presents what they both had to say.

Micro Machines World Series – Launch Trailer

After a couple of races, I felt right at home with this game since the gameplay is very similar to Motorstorm RC (which came out on the PS Vita in 2012), with the added twist of weapons to help you take out your competitors. You can pretty much see this game as a fusion between Motorstorm RC and Table Top Racing, which in my opinion is a pretty good thing!

You can duke it out on your couch with some friends in battle arenas, or go online for some ranked or quick matches (races, eliminations, and battle arenas are available in both). Notice that there is no single-player “career” mode, so online is the only way to go for your races, with the match setup automatically by filling the spots with some AI players if enough human players can’t be found.

If RC style racing games are your thing, you’ll probably have as much fun with this game as I did reviewing it. It’s easy to pick up (there’s a tutorial if you’re new to the genre), there is a good variety of tracks, each with a set of twist and obstacles, and a choice of 12 vehicles that all have their own racing style. You wouldn’t believe how many times I fell off the track with the hovercraft!!

The only thing that prevented me from having a blast was the matchmaking. Remember that part about the game being online, with AI players filling the spot? Well, that takes a lot of time because the lobbies are empty. You usually have to wait an average of 70-90 seconds before each race can start, and you’ll most likely end playing up against AI players. Unfortunately, you can’t just “race again” when you complete a race, so you have to go through that process all over again. This will hopefully change as more people get the game, and a patch has already been released to improve matchmaking, so the team is certainly paying attention!

I’m a very dedicated trophy hunter, but as was to be expected for a release like this one, most of the trophies are really grindy, and it will require a lot of effort before being able to even get close to unlocking the Platinum trophy.

ThaRaven403 already tackled the gameplay, so I’ll talk about the presentation. I played Micro Machines way back on my NES, and I had a lot of fun doing so. As for this new release, the controls felt awkward and took a bit to get used to – I fell A LOT off the edge in the first hour or so, but I did improve as I played more.

One area where this game shines is in the colorful levels it contains – they’re pretty much top notch, and it was fun to discover them all. My favorite level was Cooker Chaos in which you are racing in a kitchen, over a counter top and an oven!

This game features a few different game modes, so we’ll go over them quickly:

– There is the default online race, and as ThaRaven403 specified, not many people are playing online. Take note that playing online requires an active PlayStation Plus subscription.

– Skirmish (offline): race or battle against friends or AI. Be the first to finish and get the honors!

– Elimination (offline) is a mode in which you must race while hitting other players to send them either out of the track or of the screen. I honestly didn’t like this mode at all.

And then, there is Free For All mode which was for me by FAR the most enjoyable game mode. In FFA, your objective is to hit your opponents with the various Nerf tools available until you’ve earned enough points to win the round. I played this mode again and again against bots (for practice), then when I felt confident, I called in some friends and demolished them. Seriously, this mode is reason enough to get the game!

Final Thoughts
Codemasters delivered a solid game that’s a lot of fun to play. They used their experience in racing games, but not in the classic rally formula for which most gamers know them these days. With the game being mostly online, there won’t be any race that’s identical to the previous one, which makes up for some great replay value.

And if you’re wondering how much time you’ll be racing on a pool table or in a Hungry Hippos style arena, you’re probably looking at something between 20 and 30 hours to even have a shot at getting the Platinum trophy, but it’s going to be a fun ride!


$29.99 (PlayStation 4)

PSN Game size: 4.4GB

This Micro Machines World Series review is based on PS4 copies provided by Codemasters Inc.

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