Unto The End Making Its Way To PlayStation 4 In 2018

by EdEN, Owner

Digital Uppercut and 2 Ton Studios have announced that they’re working on a 2D cinematic adventure for PS4. The game is called Unto The End and it will be released for Sony’s console in 2018.

Frigid steel drawn in anger. The beast roars, tearing away your strength and humanity. Blood splashes on the snow. Ragged breath streams from an exhausted body. Your family is slaughtered. You could not protect them.

You wake. You survived.

Vengeance is all that remains

Unto The End Key features

Action-crafted narrative

Pure and rewarding single-player experience

A combat adventure, where variation in choice and consequence encourage multiple playthroughs

Skillful sword-based combat with unique battles and multi-faceted opponents

Explore a landscape that can be both hostile and beautiful

Inspired by games such as Punch-Out!!, INSIDE, Bushido Blade, and For Honor.

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