[Review Revisited] Curses ‘N Chaos

by EdEN, Owner

Curses ‘N Chaos is an arcade-style release on PlayStation 4 where you are tasked with surviving the, well, chaos on screen. Read our Curses ‘N Chaos review to learn more!

Here is an excerpt from the original review

To defeat your enemies, you can attack them with a mighty punch, a jumping attack, an uppercut or a running punch. The regular punch is the weakest of all attacks and only deals a single point of damage, which will only be enough for defeating the weakest enemies in the bunch. The jump attack and the uppercut are the ones you’ll use the most since they deal more damage and have a larger hitbox. And if you want to make the most of your time with the game, you’ll need to learn how to use the running punch since it’s a very strong attack that can make a big difference in the middle of a wave. The problem with the running punch is that, if you don’t time it just right, it might lead to being hurt when you touch the enemy you were attacking, so it’s something you must always keep in mind.

You can read the full review right here.

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