[PS4] Zheros: Forgotten Lands Review

by Tracey

Rimlight Studios is back with Zheros: Forgotten Lands, a mini expansion with more levels, a new character, new moves, a new set of enemies and a vehicles, along with three new trophies. Is this expansion better than the main release? Let’s find out in our Zheros: Forgotten Lands review!

For those of you who are new to Zheros, it is a colourful beat ’em up. The gist of the story is Dr. Vendetta is up to no good. and you have to put an end to his plans and destroy his robotic army using the intergalactic tools at your disposal. The new character is Thione, a mystical female martial artist with moves that are lightning fast. She is quite agile and a good character to play the whole campaign with.

Zheros: ‘The Forgotten Land Review - 1

Dr. Vendetta and his robotic cronies are back, in content that seems to look better than what is offered in the main game. There’s a new character this time around, and you’ll get to learn some new moves as you go and can even level up this new character just as you could for Mike and Captain Dorian. The new DLC levels (Forbidden City) can be selected from the menu, but if you are playing a brand new game, you will have to wait until you have finished the first level to be able to select the new DLC levels.

When booting up the very first level, I found a very weird bug. During a cutscene, pink blobs covered the screen. Once I gained control, a large pink shape sat in the right corner of the screen and as I moved the pink shape slowly covered the entire screen, making it unplayable. I had to close down the game and start it up again, which did the trick. I also ran into a couple of crashes when playing through the DLC levels.

Zheros: ‘The Forgotten Land Review - 2

The gameplay is better than in the main game thanks to the new moves. Levels are rather long, and the checkpoint is around the halfway point, which was to be expected since this is how the main adventure handles things. While there are new enemy types, which is always good for a beat ’em up, the loading times are still very long, which is not good for a beat ’em up.

As was the case for the main release, the DLC has a lot of potential, but it is marred by bugs and glitches that force players to close the game and have to relaunch it to hope it fixes the issues. A patch or two might improve things, so let’s see what the developer does.

Zheros: ‘The Forgotten Land Review - 3

This Zheros: Forgotten Lands review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Rimlight Studios.

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