[PS4] Uncanny Valley Review

by EdEN, Owner

Uncanny Valley from Cowardly Creations is a dark PlayStation 4 game where every choice you make has an impact on the overall story. If you want to see everything, then you’re going to have to play it more than once. Read our Uncanny Valley review to learn more!

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Before we dive into the horror and the nightmare fuel, let’s talk about the game’s controls. You can move around with the D-Pad while the left analog stick is used as you inventory cursor – your inventory is accessed by way of the DualShock 4 touchpad. You can spring with the L1 button in case you’re in a hurry or in danger, which is most of the time, while the R1 button helps you pick up items. You can ready your trusty gun with the Circle button and fire with the X button – the X button will also be your interaction button. If you need to reload, you’ll have to press the Triangle button. Oh, and if you literally find yourself in a dark place, you can use the Square button to activate your flashlight.

Uncanny Valley Review - First

After waking up next to a dumpster with no recollection of how you got there in the first place, you explore your current location to find a way out. The first item you find is a pair of fence cutters (with a limited number of uses), which is rather convenient considering there’s a fence you can cut open to enter a new area. After trying to walk back home, a dark creature begins to chase you for some reason. As hard as you try to outrun it, you end up being engulfed by the darkness… only to wake up in your home. Was it all a dream? What is really going on?

Uncanny Valley Review - 1

Turns out you’re a security guard called Tom. After catching a ride with Buck, you make it to the facility you’ll be guarding. You’re new at this job, and while there seems to be no real need for a security guard at this location, the pay seems to be good. After Buck gives you a short tour, you’ll enter the security room and get started with your first shift. There doesn’t seem to be much to do at this new gig of yours, but as long as you complete each of your shifts you’ll get paid.

Uncanny Valley Review - 2

Trophy hunters will need to play the game more than once if they want to 100% it due to the game’s nature. Since making key selections at specific points in the game will take you on a different route, it is impossible to get all trophies in a single run. For example, the choices I made and my own mistakes led me down a path that allowed me to unlock half of the trophies, and after checking the full list I was able to better understand how doing things differently at specific spots could allow me to change things up during a second run.

Uncanny Valley Review - Nightmare

Uncanny Valley is a short but fun PS4 release that is the perfect bitesized release to play between larger games. This being a cross-buy release means you can enjoy it at home or on the go, always making progress in the game’s story in short or long bursts. You’re looking at roughly 3-4 hours to complete a single run of the game, which is a good chunk of content for the asking price. I definitely think you should check this one out if you’re a fan of horror games. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Uncanny Valley Review - Not Chill

This Uncanny Valley review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Cowardly Creations.

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