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by Tracey

The Tenth Line is an RPG with platforming and Metroidvania elements, presented in a stylish pixel art style. Want to learn more? Then read our The Tenth Line review!

The story is about a princess who frees herself and goes on the run after the assassination of the King of Skyweather. The tenth line of the prophecy is about to come true, hence the title of the game. The princess meets Rik, a Kobold, and Tox a black dragon, she enlists their help in returning home. The characters are so well done and very likable.

Gameplay is in 2D, with Rik, Tox and the princess having different jump styles. Rik can jump the furthest, while Tox can jump via teleporting, but his travel distance is shorter and that is where the princess comes in. She can’t jump very high, but she can push blocks so that she and Tox can reach higher platforms that Rik has no issues with.

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There are plenty of treasures in the game and not all of them are in treasure chests. You will come across some sparkles that are out of everybody’s reach… or so it seems! Rik has the ability to throw projectiles, and this allows him to knock down the sparkly treasure with great ease. Speaking of treasure, you will need to complete treasure quests for every area to level up your weapons. There’s also another special skill from Tox that will be very handy: he can breathe different elements such as fire and poison, and you can alter what he breathes by putting items of a particular kind into his special skill board, so keep this in mind if you’re ever stuck!

As for improving your group, instead of a skill tree, you have a Power Flow board in which you can place items into the glyphs to provide stat boosts. If you connect the lines correctly, you get an even bigger boost. Pretty neat, huh? You can also learn new skills, so make good use of the board and update it as you gain more skill points. Each character has its own board for you to complete, and doing things right will allow your party to be strong enough to defeat the bosses in The Tenth Line.

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The fun part is the combat. The game is turn based, but your whole party takes its turn at the same time once you have chosen which cards you want to use. Be sure to select the cards with the highest attack numbers to deal the highest damage, since the more SP you have the better the cards you will unlock. Depending on which cards you used you can attack a single enemy or an entire row or column. The only downside to battles is there is no actual healing, so that’s where the challenge lies. You are forced to think and use the cards strategically to keep your party alive.

Defending requires precise timing, and if done right you will get a boost in SP recharge. If a member of your party dies in combat, as long as you keep the other two alive, he/she will come back to life after three turns. If your whole party is wiped out, you simply return to your last save point. There are no game overs, and there is a save point in every location, and this greatly speeds up the flow of the game.

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There is a fun game you can play on the side called Quad Pro Quo. It’s a card game that you can play with various NPCs throughout the game were the aim is to beat your opponent by getting the highest score. In the end, you will be reward new and better cards to use in tougher games. You lay cards on a 12 square board, and each card has numbered corners. To win, you must place cards with a higher number next to those from your opponent. If you do this, your opponent’s cards will change to your color. Once a match is over, the player with the most points wins.

That is not all there is on offer. On top of the main game, which is roughly about 12 or so hours, there is also some post-game content which will increase the length of the game thanks to its extra content and optional bosses. If you want to access the post-game content, you should know you need to be playing in the highest difficulty setting, so don’t you forget it!

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The game includes a rather straightforward Platinum trophy. As long as you complete all quests as soon as they are available and don’t leave areas until all quests are complete, you should be good to go. On top of this, yes, you need to play on the highest difficulty setting to be able to do a single Platinum run.

The Tenth Line is a good game that is fun from start to finish. If you like colorful RPG with a pixel art style and a nice Metroidvania/platforming vibe, then you should definitely check out The Tenth Line. It has plenty of content to offer, a fun battle system, and a solid card mini-game that will keep you busy for a while.

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This The Tenth Line review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Sungazer Software.

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