Seasons After Fall Out Next Week

by EdEN, Owner

Swing Swing Submarine is getting ready to release Seasons After Fall next week on PlayStation 4! The game allows you to switch between seasons so that you can make the most of the changes from each of them. Check out the game’s trailer below as well as some new screens!

William David, game designer at Swing Swing Submarine, had this to say:

As a wild fox, you are sent on a perilous journey aided only by your ability to change the seasons at will. Pounce through a wondrous land governed by magic and nature, dancing with the elements as you dynamically switch between the seasons.

Winter freezes waterfalls, while the rain from Spring raises water levels. Switching to Summer causes plants to grow and extend, while Fall brings mushrooms to bloom, creating new platforms to climb!

Seasons After Fall - 3

We definitely like what we’ve seen of Seasons After Fall. We are trying to work on a review for you, so be sure to stick around at!

Seasons After Fall - 2

Seasons After Fall - 1

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