[Review Revisited] Watchdogs 2

by the_nmac

Hack The World, or at least most of San Francisco. Are you ready to give it your all to bring down the system with your skills? Then come read our Watchdogs 2 review!

Watchdogs 2, as you can imagine, is the sequel to WatchDogs. I picked up the first one and didn’t love it after playing it for a handful of hours – I stopped playing and never went back. When the second one was announced, I wasn’t really digging it until I started to hear the positive buzz it was getting. Gone was the dark city of Chicago and in was the bright world of San Fransico – oh, and the dark antihero had been replaced by a fun hacker named Marcus. All of a sudden the game had my interest, and I picked it up just after Christmas.

The game is essentially a hacker take on GTA, where instead of guns you can use deception, hacking, and stealth to make your way through missions. I did my best during the game to use my hacking skills and the drones at my disposal to complete all missions objectives in the game.

Early on in the game, I had to get data from a server at a “Church” that celebrities frequented. I ended up hacking a nearby scissor lift to get to the rooftop. I then deployed a rolling drone to sneak into the building where I was able to reach the server and hack it. All of the guards were on high alert, but none knew where I was! The game has tons of moments like these in the title which make it worth exploring. This was one of my most enjoyable Platinum trophies of the last couple of years!

This is a hidden gem from 2016 that I don’t think enough people played. It has a fun story with some really unique ways to approach missions that I had not seen a game do before. San Fransisco was ripe for an open world title creating a really fun world overall. Play this game today. You won’t be disappointed!


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