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Siegecraft Commander from Blowfish Studios and Level 77 is a game that mixes a real-time strategy (RTS) single player campaign along with an RTS or turn-based experience in multiplayer mode. Want to learn more? Then read our Siegecraft Commander review!

You can do some single player campaigning or go into multiplayer. I suggest you start with the single player as it will show you the basics. You can select between Voyage for Glory and Crusade for Hope– go with Voyage for Glory so that you can learn more about what makes the game tick. The first level will give you a rundown of the basics and the main gameplay mechanics. After being hit by lighting, your flying vessel crashes into the ground.

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Once you can control things, you’ll be able to click on the build menu to launch an outpost (yes, launch) so that it lands on the glowing spot on the ground. This will teach you the sling mechanic (hold back on the left analog stick to aim in a general direction) so that you can then shoot with the X button so that you can make sure your shot lands exactly where you need it). You will be able to practice this so that you can see if you can continue to use the “sling” gameplay style, or if you’d like to switch to the precise controls that allow you to, well, be more precise with how you control the game. You can switch between the two so that you can make an informed decision.

A few minutes in you’ll be close to an enemy outpost which you can destroy by launching some TNT barrels towards it. Destroying the outpost will also destroy the structures that are linked to it, so do keep this in mind since enemies can do the same to you! After this, you’ll get a chance to build a ballista. This tower can be used to shoot down incoming enemy air units or projectiles that are within its range. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it takes 25 seconds to reload, so you better make place it where you can make each shot count!

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Next up is building an armory so that you can open the way for building other offensive and defensive structures. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to build a mortar which launches deadly shells that do damage over an area of effect (AoE) to deal considerable damage to ground units. Unfortunately, it won’t be able to damage enemy towers, air units or even ground units if they are too close for comfort.

The next structure you’ll get to try is the library which will allow you to then build magical structures. But for magical structures, you’re going to need crystals. You can collect it by capturing the resource (the same applies for gold). Just build an outpost close to the resource so that it can be harnessed. Once you have crystals, you’ll get to build the Tesla, a magical energy shield that can project an area from projectiles and flying units. Every hit it takes lowers its overall charge, so you’ll need to use crystals to recharge it.

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And then, the final step for a stage is destroying the opposing keep so that you can claim the map and shout victory in the face of adversity. Once you have claimed the keep, you’ll move to the next stage where you’ll learn more about other buildings such as the barracks, which will constantly spawn knights when it is not on cooldown. This is key for taking out clusters of structures, particularly enemy barracks which will do the same and try to overwhelm you with ground units. You’ll first need to build another structure before you can build barracks, but I’ll let you learn about this on your own.

As for the multiplayer side of things, you can take on offline or online multiplayer matches to test your skills so that you can show the rest of the world how good you really are. You can create custom matches for either online or offline fun times, and can customize it between real time and turn based gameplay, as well as select which map you’ll be playing on. After that, it’s a lot of trial and error as you try to find what strategy to use with the various commanders and their towers. Sure, you will probably lose several matches, but every mistake you make will allow you to learn something new. With a bit more practice, you’ll be able to destroy your opponent right away!

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Siegecraft Commander on PlayStation 4 is a fun release with a good mix of strategy/tower defense. You’ll quickly learn the basics during the first handful of levels, and after that, it’s a fun ride as you try to unlock the game’s Platinum trophy. Slow and steady wins the race, so take your time to learn each map as you work towards grabbing the miscellaneous trophies in this short list. As a tip, I’d suggest trophy hunters focus on the multiplayer for their trophy needs since all trophies can technically be unlocked in offline multiplayer.


This Siegecraft Commander review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Level 77.

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