[PS4] Kero Blaster Review

by Tracey

Kero Blaster is a retro pixel art game that was originally released on iOS and has now been ported to the PS4. You take control of a frog who works at Cat & Frog, are a teleportation company. You are armed with a peashooter, and your job is to clear the teleporters of strange black monsters that are making them unfunctional. Are you ready to learn more? Then read our Kero Blaster review!

The gameplay mechanics are as simple as they come: one button for jumping, one button to shoot, and another to cycle through your weapons. You can shoot left, right and up, but for some reason, you can’t shoot down. And that’s all there is to it!

You’ll be shooting your way through the seven available levels and the many mini-bosses and bosses on your path. The grindiest part of the game is your weapons and upgrades. You can upgrade your Peashooter at the start of the game for peanuts, but the next upgrade is 500 coins, so naturally grinding is a huge part of the game. If you want to add an extra life to your count you will need to pay 1,500 gold coins! Yes, there’s more than one weapon in the game, as well as other items and upgrades such as extra hearts, so if you want to unlock everything you’ll need to grab every single coin you can find. Upgrades can be bought in the stores you find inside of the large C&F spheres you’ll find in each level of the game.

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One of the best things about the game that is when you lose all your lives you wake up in a hospital and will be healed so that you can give it another go from the start of the last level you played. On top of this, you’ll get to keep all of your coins and upgrades so that you don’t lose all of your progress! You’ll even be able to make some purchases before you leave the hospital. So every time you are defeated, you’re at least making some progress!

The game is very tough, but if you defeat every enemy and grab the many coins (small and large coins and even bags full of them!) and use that to upgrade your weapons, then you’ll be able to stand a chance. I suggest you never stop firing so that you can always make the most of your arsenal. Everything that moves (and even the vegetation that doesn’t!) can and will harm you.

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I really dig the game’s pixelated look, and the retro-style chiptune soundtrack goes great with it. This 2D action sidescroller packs a nice dose of nostalgia mixed in with some of the great improvements to the formula you’d expect from a 21st-century release.

I do recommend giving Kero Blaster a go, especially if you’re up for a challenge! If you want to 100% the game, you’ll need to complete its regular mode along with its two bonus modes, one of which even remixes stages while adding new content to the experience! Sure, there is no Platinum trophy, but this is one of those games where if you can 100% its trophy list you’ll proudly display it in your profile! Can you do a no death run? You better learn all of your enemies weaknesses and memorize the layout of every level!

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This Kero Blaster review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Active Gaming Media.

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