[PS4] Dreamfall Chapters Review

by Tracey

Dreamfall Chapters is a direct sequel to the beloved The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. It follows comatose dreamer Zoe Castillo on an emotional journey into a dystopian cyberpunk future through a mysterious dream machine. Want to learn more? Then read our Dreamfall Chapters review!

Red Thread Games took Dreamfall Chapters to Kickstarter way back in 2013 with a hefty base goal of $850,000 to complete the entire five episode release. The campaign was hugely successful and the team managed to reach roughly $1.5 million dollars to finish the game. Unfortunately, none of the stretch goals net were console ports… but after four years of waiting and hoping for a port, we finally got one on PlayStation 4!

Dreamfall Chapters started life as an episodic game exclusive to PC, but we lucky PS4 players get the full and complete edition with all the books in a single retail disc or digital download. No waiting for episodes to release as they’re completed! On top of this, the team at Red Thread Games got busy working on improving character models and revamping the lighting while also upgrading the audio side of things considerably.

Zoe Castillo is one of the main characters and dreamer. She uncovered a sinister conspiracy regarding the dream machines, and discovered her mother was involved. She wanted to silence Zoe, so she attempts to kill her. Zoe survived but ended up spending a year in a coma and is dying….or is she? While in the dream world of Storytime. Zoe tries to help people who are addicted to Lucid Dreaming, stuck in their own nightmares, she helps them unlock the door back to a new life…

Dreamfall Chapters Review - 1

Kian Alvane is an Azadi assassin who struggles with his faith. He is tasked with finding and killing the rebel leader known as Scorpion. He eventually ends up in Friar’s Keep prison awaiting his execution. But he is saved by a former enemy, and they both managed to escape the prison.

Chapter one of Book one is kinda your tutorial section. Here you will learn the mechanics of the game as you play chapter one which consists of Zoe in a coma and visiting Storytime… as well as interact with other characters. Book One sets up the story for the rest of the series, with several unexpected plot twists that will keep you busy until the end. Can’t talk more about that since I’d be going heavily into spoiler territory, but rest assured that the story is great from starr to finish!

Dreamfall Chapters plays like a classic point and click adventure game since you can literally click on anything for information as you collect items to use for solving puzzles. Zoe also has powers to manipulate time and can slow it down, not to mention the very handy ability of reading the minds of others!

Dreamfall Chapters Review - 2

I didn’t like the fact there was no manual saving, since I’m extremely pesimistic with my gaming time on PS4! If the console crashes or the game freezes (something I didn’t run into during my time with Dreamfall Chapters), then I’d end up having to redo large sections of the game, unless I had manged to reach a checkpoint.

Dreamfall Chapters is presented in 3D, and the game’s look is stellar. At times it made me feel as if this was an open world release since there’s plenty to do and lots of areas to explore. The game greatly exceeded my expectations, so kudos to the team at Red Thread Games and to Deep Silver for doing a great job on this PlayStation 4 release.

The only small complaint I have is that there is no mini-map or map available – you have to find these ‘you are here’ map stands. I can’t understand why there is no minimap since the game is a massive release, not to mention that having a map would have opened the way for having markers for objectives and areas. Mind you, it’s not a dealbreaker but something the team could consider for their next game.

Dreamfall Chapters Review - 3

There is a lot of dialogue in the game, as was to be expected, and that’s just for the main game! There’s a ton of extra dialogue that is for optional interactions and areas. So if you want to learn more about the world you’re playing in, as well as of its inhabitants, then some small talk here and there can go a long way!

Each episode is going to take you between 4 to 7 hours to complete depending on how experienced you are with adventure games, as well as on how much you interact with items, locations, and NPC. I was honestly expecting a couple of hours per episode at most, so I was pleasantly surprised! You’ll be playing this one for a while before you can get your Platinum trophy since for a single run through all episodes you’re looking at spending at least 20 hours with Dreamfall Chapters! How’s that for value?

I loved playing the game for my Dreamfall Chapters review. It’s an excellent adventure game and a very polished release. It features great writing and a solid story, really good graphics and a ton of content to enjoy. What’s not to like? Other than not having a mini-map or map while exploring each location, this is a must-have on PS4

This Dreamfall Chapters review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Deep Silver.

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