LawBreakers Coming To PS4 This Year

by EdEN, Owner

LawBreakers, the first game from Boss Key Productions, is coming to PlayStation 4 later this year. The studio’s name might not ring a bell, but I’m sure you’re familiar with the work of one Cliff Bleszinski. Check out the game’s video below and click after the break for some new info and screens!

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Cliff Bleszinski, CEO of Boss Key Productions, had this to say:

During my “retirement”, honestly, I was bored as hell. My waifu and I were ready to strangle each other. I was getting fat. Ultimately, I couldn’t ignore the creative need to make something new. During this time, I was inspired by a childhood dream about gravity being disrupted in a BIG way. I also took a Zero G flight once. That was pretty crazy. So, LawBreakers is the culmination of my dreams as a kid, my career in this industry and my lifelong passion for games. So there we have the inception (HORN SOUND) of LawBreakers. A new futuristic world where the Moon mysteriously exploded, an event known as The Shattering, that devastated Earth. Afterward society recovered, using new gravity anomalies to rebuild and advance.

LawBreakers - 1

We have no solid release date for the game yet, but we do know it will be released on Sony’s console, have full support for PS4 Pro and retail for $29.99.

LawBreakers - 2

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