Deliriant Coming To PS4 On May 23

by EdEN, Owner

A group of students at the Entertainment Arts and Engineering graduate program at the University of Utah has been busy working on a new game for the PlayStation 4. Deliriant is their project and they’re almost ready to release it for Sony’s console. In fact, the game has a launch date: May 23!

Deliriant - 2

Ben Steele, Team Lead for Deliriant, had this to say:

With Deliriant, we ask the player for some reflection. When trauma is shared with you, you experience some fraction of it yourself, and that creates understanding. We’re definitely offering something out of the box and asking a lot of the player, but my greatest hope is that someone’s perspective will be positively impacted by our game. That by itself would be success

Deliriant - 3

After enjoying other so-called walking simulators, we’re definitely looking forward to giving this a go in a couple of weeks!

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