Brawlhalla Releasing This Summer On PS4

by EdEN, Owner

Blue Mammoth Games got in touch with us to announce that Brawlhalla will be getting a closed beta during this month. You can sign up by clicking right here. This is fast-paced and colorful free-to-play platform fighter for Sony’s console – the full game will be releasing in the summer.

Matt Woomer, Creative Director at Blue Mammoth Games, had this to say:

If you aren’t familiar with Brawlhalla, imagine a classic platform fighting game – you pick a character, and then run, jump, dodge and hit until you knock your opponent off the stage. (Or you get knocked off yourself – it happens.) Next, imagine you can pick up weapons that completely change your playstyle mid-match. Now imagine this is happening in Valhalla, a golden hall filled with the greatest warriors from every time and place, where Odin has created the Grand Tournament in a vain attempt to keep these warriors from tearing the place apart.

Now imagine you have triple jump, you didn’t pay anything for the game, and you’re having tons of fun fighting with three friends on the couch, and four more online. Now imagine it all in glorious, hand-drawn 2D.

Brawlhalla - 1

We’ll definitely keep you posted on this one since it seems like a fun game to watch!

Brawlhalla - 2

Brawlhalla - 3

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