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[Review Revisited] Persona 4: Golden |

[Review Revisited] Persona 4: Golden
Ceidz, Owner

Persona 4: Golden is a Japanese RPG for the PlayStation Vita that was developed by Atlus. This is an enhanced port of Persona 4 which was originally released for the PlayStation 2. Four years after its release, Persona 4: Golden is still my favorite Vita game! Since Persona 5 is releasing next week, I thought now would be a great moment to revisit this Vita gem!

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Persona 4: Golden (P4G) is an enhanced port of “Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4“, a PlayStation 2 game that released way back in 2008. I must say that back then I had no idea such a great franchise even existed. P4G got a lot of coverage when it released on the Vita in 2012, garnering superb reviews, and it was then that I picked it up – at the same time I purchased my Vita!

Why should you play Persona 4: Golden this late in the Vita’s life? Because it has one of the most fantastic turn-based battle systems in JRPGs, features an awesome story and the soundtrack is top-notch. Also, the main campaign lasts for at least 50-70 hours depending on how you play. I HIGHLY recommend this game to every Vita gamer out there!