Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Out On PS4 On April 18

by EdEN, Owner

Enigami has shared a new trailer for Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom while also announcing the game’s release date: April 18!

Check out the game’s new trailer below and click after the break for some new info straight from the source.

Hazem Hawash, CEO for Enigami, had this to say:

In Shiness, explore the world and use your characters’ special powers — Kayenne’s telekinesis, Poky’s electromagnetic fields manipulation, and more — to progress in your adventure and find precious parchments, which are key to devastating spells and powerful combat techniques.

Throughout your quest, you’ll take part in hyper-dynamic combat inspired by traditional fighting games, combining combos, special moves, magic, elemental affinities, and devastating finishing moves. As you complete quests and battles, you’ll gain experience and levels, develop your characters, and recruit new playable companions on your team.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom - 3

We look forward to playing this one next month. If all goes according to plan, we should have a review for Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom close to launch, so be sure to stick around at!

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