[Review Revisited] Saturday Morning RPG

by EdEN, Owner

Saturday Morning RPG is a fun and retrotastic release on PS4 that will take you back to the 1980s. All episodes for the game are included in a single release so that you can play the full story in style. Want to learn more about this game from Mighty Rabbit Studios? Then come right in!

Here is an excerpt from the review so that you can understand how the game plays.

Battles in Saturday Morning RPG, they are of the turn-based variety. You select your action, perform it and then your enemies takes their turn, all depending on the order shown on the upper center part of the screen. Along with that, you need to time your attacks because after, say, selecting to punch the enemy, a bar will show up along with a moving cursor you must stop at the right spot to either inflict a regular hit or a critical attack. If you’re not careful there’s also a section that will make your attack miss, so be careful! The same applies for most of the special items you’ll have access to during battles, depending on the type of minigame used to power it up or of the timing required for pressing a button to improve its effectiveness.

You can read the original review right here.

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