[Review Revisited] I am Bread

by the_nmac

Ready for a tale as old as Time? Bread meets Toaster, and they hit it off so much that they come together to become Toast! Check out our review revisited for I Am Bread to learn more about this clever release!|

I Am Bread is the story of a piece of Bread with one goal… to get toasted. That’s right, you need to navigate your bread to the nearest toasting device and get your bread cooked on both sides. You do need to stay edible, which can be quite an issue during your adventure.

The game actually controls oddly, with different buttons being mapped to spots on the controller. You need to maneuver your bread around using its corners, often flipping over and over again to get to where you need to be. Each area is different, and it can take some work and time to get the hang of the controls to do things right.

I Am Bread is one of those silly games which never takes itself too seriously. If features tons of weird modes with different goals. One of my favorites is still bagel racing, which you definitely have to try for yourself!

You can check our review of I am Bread right here.


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