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by EdEN, Owner

Tumbleseed will be making its way to the PlayStation 4 very soon so we got in touch with one of the game’s developers to talk about this quirky and colorful release.

PS4Blog: Hi! Thank you for joining us today. Could you please get us going by introducing yourself to our readers and letting them know a bit about yourself and your role on TumbleSeed?

Hi! I’m Benedict Fritz. I’m a programmer and one of the co-designers of TumbleSeed. Along with Greg Wohlwend, Joel Corelitz, David Laskey, and Jenna Blazevich, I’ve been working on TumbleSeed for the last 2.5 years. We’re all local to the Chicago area and met via the Chicago indie scene. TumbleSeed started off as a prototype inspired by the old mechanical arcade cabinet called Ice Cold Beer, and it’s grown from there into a full fledged roguelike about tumbling to the top of a mountain.

PS4B: And since you are indeed working on this game called TumbleSeed that will be releasing on PS4 and Switch release, we’d definitely like to hear more about this rolly roguelike.

TumbleSeed is a game about planning and strategy, centered around the seed power system. Seed powers determine let you plant yourself. What happens when you plant yourself depends on which seed power you have equipped. The Flagseed will let you plant a checkpoint, the Heartseed will give you extra hearts, the Cannonspore will let you blast enemies out of your way, and so on. There’s over 30 powers like this, and deciding when to plant which seed is the core of the game. Not only do you have to be making these strategic decisions, but while doing so you still have to be tumbling well enough to avoid all of the obstacles in your way! These obstacles are randomly generated each run and are split across four different biomes that you explore while moving to the peak. Reaching the top is the key to saving your mountain home.

TumbleSeed - 1

PS4B: How long has the game been in development? How much longer is needed to finish the game for a release considering it currently has a vague Spring 2017 release date?

TumbleSeed has been in development for around 2.5 years. We’re getting really really close to finishing – it’s largely down to polish and fine-tuning the game to be as good as it can be. But like they say – the last 10%!

PS4B: There’s certainly more to the game than just rolling around. You’ve mentioned that there’s 30 seed powers to wield in the game, and have already revealed some such as Thornseed which allows players to attack. Would you mind revealing just one more of the seed powers for our readers?

Absolutely! I mentioned some of the other powers earlier, but one of my favorite is the Avalanche seed. This calls down snowy boulders from high up on the mountain that fall all over the playfield. As they crash to the ground they roll down the mountain a bit, wreaking havoc as they go. It’s one of my favorite seeds when there’s a ton of enemies on the screen. If you get a bit lucky with where they fall, you can really soften up the difficulty of a large patch of enemies and make dispatching the remaining enemies much easier. However, the risk is that the avalanche’s boulders also hurt you! I love that risk/reward of dodging boulders while also hoping they hit nearby enemies. It’s definitely one of my go-tos.

TumbleSeed - 2

PS4B: Are there any differences between the PS4 and the Switch versions for Tumbleseed? Are you using HD rumble on the Nintendo Switch?

The biggest difference between the Switch and PS4 versions is definitely the HD Rumble. The rumble reflects how fast the seed is rolling, and which side of the vine it’s on. Along with the sound effects, it really gives you a synesthetic sense of the seed’s position and movement.

TumbleSeed - 3

PS4B: Are you considering developing additional content for the game after release to be offered either as free or paid DLC?

I don’t think we’re ruling it out, but right now we’re 100% focused on finishing the game as it is. The game is already huge and a complete experience as it is, so we’re not thinking about adding more currently.

TumbleSeed - 4

PS4B: And now it’s time for us to go. Would you like to add anything else?

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us! We think TumbleSeed is the best thing any of us have made, and we’re incredibly excited to share it with the world. You can find out more at tumbleseed.com, and we look forward to seeing you on the mountain!

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