PlayStation Plus Update For March- PlayStation 4 Edition

by the_nmac

March is a good month for PS+ with a brand new potential esports release hitting strong, not to mention a great but underplayed platformer that will be free for subscriber. Check out what March has in store for us right here!

Disc Jam Regular Price: $?; Free for PS Plus members

Disc Jam is a fast-paced action-sports game that pits two to four players against each other in a frantic mix of air hockey and tennis. Players scramble to retrieve and throw a glowing disc while unleashing devastating abilities and defending their end zone. An exciting blend of strategy and skill.

Tearaway Unfolded Regular Price: $26.99; Free for PS Plus members

Tearaway Unfolded invites you on a journey to help your plucky messenger make a very important delivery.

Reach into your TV with your DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller to unleash gusts of wind to unfold hidden areas, confound enemies and ride a paper plane. Use your new powers to catch objects thrown out of the TV screen and hurl them back into hard-to-reach places or at enemies, and guide your messenger through scary places by shining the light bar at the screen.

Lumo Regular Price: $29.99(PS4)/$19.99(Vita); Free for PS Plus members

Witness the rebirth of a genre in Lumo – a classic isometric adventure with a modern twist for gamers young and old alike!

As a contemporary take on the long-lost isometric platform genre, Lumo can be enjoyed by anyone looking for an absorbing, challenging and rewarding adventure. But for those who lived through the golden age of videogames – the 80s and early 90s – or know about the games and culture from that time, layer upon layer of nods, winks and touches to those times help build upon an experience that’s as heart-warming as it is exciting!

With over 400 rooms across four unique zones, six hidden mini-games and all kinds of secrets to uncover, Lumo is a true voyage of discovery. How much you discover just depends on how hard you look…

As always, for PlayStation Plus users who don’t have a PS4 yet, be sure to log in at the PSN Webstore to get the games added to your collection so that you can download them once you do get one.

A solid mpnth for PlayStation Plus in March! Disc Jam is a new competitive esport frisbee battle title. I wonder if it could become the new Rocket League? Tearaway Unfolded is a redo of the excellent Tearaway for Vita while using the specific features of the PS4 – I’m looking forward to trying that one out! Ceidz reviewed Lumo and found it to be a charming retro game, so that one has certainly got my attention.

It’s a great month with a great lineup, and hopefully a sign of how things are going to improve for PlayStation Plus thanks to its price increase. What are your thoughts on this month’s lineup? What do you hope to see for the service in the future? Let us know in the comments below!


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