The Surge Coming To PlayStation 4

by EdEN, Owner

Deck13 is working on The Surge, a hardcore action-RPG for the PlayStation 4. We’ll surely learn more about this game as we get closer to its May 2017 release, but for now we wanted to share with you a CGI trailer for the game that will give you an idea of what the studio is aiming to do with this PS4 release.

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Jan Klose, Creative Director at Deck 13, had this to say:

Freshly recruited as an augmented worker, Warren’s first day coincides with a catastrophic event deep inside CREO, during the routine surgical operation meant to graft, through flesh and bone, the exo-suit required for the company’s employees. This disastrous event marks the first in a series of brutal events, turning this first day at CREO into a hellish nightmare of robots gone haywire, crazed employees with fried cranial implants, and artificial intelligence that all wants Warren dead.

Now equipped with a state-of-the-art exoskeleton, you’ll have to improvise in order to survive — tools manipulated by CREO workers, while not originally meant for combat, make for effective lethal weapons; the equipment pieces compatible with your exo-suit will make you faster, stronger, sturdier. During battle, target specific limbs of your enemies, slice them and retrieve the powerful attached equipment to improve and power-up your own suit, allowing you to delve deeper in the CREO complex and attempt to put an end to the madness initiated by the Surge.

The Surge - 2

Be sure to stick around at where we’ll share new information on The Surge as it is available.

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