Serial Cleaner Announced For PlayStation 4

by EdEN, Owner

Indie developer iFun4All and publisher Curve Digital are hard at work on Serial Cleaner, a new game that is making its way to the PlayStation 4.

The game will be released this summer and is a fast-paced stealth action game with a crazy premise. You’re tasked with navigating bloody crime scenes to dispose of incriminating evidence. Yes, you read that right. And you have to do all of this while staying far away from the police!

Krzysztof Zięba, designer and writer at iFun4all, had this to say about the game:

Serial Cleaner was inspired by lose-fast/reload-fast games that demand players retry a level several times to learn how enemies react and figure out which zones of the map are the safest. If caught, the level generates the crime scene with the bodies moved, ensuring that players can’t rely on just muscle memory to get through a stage. The game is tough, but fair, so players need to plan their moves accordingly, or just get in there and improvise: both approaches work.

Serial Cleaner - 1

What do you think of this game’s premise? Are you looking forward to playing this new game on PlayStation 4? Let us know in the comments below!

Serial Cleaner - 6

Serial Cleaner - 5

Serial Cleaner - 4

Serial Cleaner - 2

Serial Cleaner - 3

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