[PS4Blog.net Interview] Tama Games On Supermagical

by EdEN, Owner

We got a chance to talk with Tama Games about Supermagical, their latest PS Vita release. Come check our interview with this indie studio to learn more about their fun puzzle release!

PS4Blog: Hi Alan! Good to have you back at PS4blog.net. How are you doing this afternoon?

Everything is going great, thanks! Good to be here once again.

PS4B: We’ve been playing a lot of Supermagical on PS Vita, and we’d like you to help us describe the game to our readers.

Supermagical is a puzzle game with some exploration and RPG elements thrown in the mix. We start with a simple gameplay mechanic (connecting colors to defeat enemies), and we try to push it as much as possible to create a game that is fun and easy to play while also having some depth that will appeal to gamers.

Supermagical Review - 10

PS4B: How much content is in the game? How long would it take someone on average to complete every level?

It’s a big game! I’d say that at least 10 hours, and that’s if you’re very good at puzzle games! I’ve completed it dozens of times with all the testing required for releasing a game, so it’s hard to say exactly how long it would take someone new to the game, but I do feel that 10 hours sounds about right.

Supermagical Review - 7

PS4B: Given the game’s nature, it offers a trophy list with a varied range of objectives. How did you arrive at the final trophy list we see today? Was there any trophy, in particular, you had planned to include but which had to be cut?

Most trophies came from Super Meta Team, the game’s original developer. We had plenty more we did have to remove because we don’t have a Platinum trophy and that limited the number of trophies we could include. But in the end, we feel we have a nice variety of things for players to do in the game to unlock trophies!

Supermagical Review - Mini Game

Supermagical is your second PS Vita release after Stranded (a game we had fun reviewing). Could you tell us a bit about the next project from Tama Games for consoles and portables?

We do love the PS Vita, but it’s hard to make a game profitable by releasing on that platform alone.

We’re working on two games right now. At first, they were both planned for the PS Vita, but we’re rethinking our strategy. We’re considering releasing them for PS4 on top of on PS Vita (and potentially for Windows and Mac as well). We’re developing both at the same time, and we hope we can release them during the second half of 2017.

Supermagical Review - 5

PS4B: On top of this, have you considering releasing a game on the Nintendo Switch?

Not at the moment. We want to focus on the two games we have in development. We don’t want to expand to too many platforms at once.

PS4B: Thank you for your time. Would you like to add anything else before we go?

We hope that players enjoy Supermagical. If anyone has a question they can contact us on Twitter and we’ll be happy to answer. Thanks!

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