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by EdEN, Owner

Seraph from Dreadbit is an action-packed game where you need to focus on your acrobatic skills as you defeat the nasty monsters in your path while being aided with autoaim. That last part makes it seem as if this is an easy game, but it is actually anything but. You need to run, jump, dash and shoot your way past deadly lesser and greater Daemon as you try to stay alive. Want to learn more? Then read our Seraph review!

You move around with the left analog stick, jump with the X button, and double jump by pressing X again. You can also wall jump by hugging a wall and pressing the X button. The R1 button is for interacting with switches and other things. The L2 button will allow you to Blink with a fast dash that will allow you to avoid enemy attacks while on the ground or in the air. The R2 button is used to shoot your weapons. You don’t have to worry about aiming since the game autoaims for you, but if you’d like to focus on a specific enemy, you can use the right analog stick to nudge your aim in its general direction. Mixing this with the game’s autoaim and your acrobatic skills is the basis of your entire Seraph experience.

You wake up from a long slumber inside of a special prison designed to keep you locked up for good. For some reason, you have reached out to outside forces to break you free. While in a weakened state inside of your human vessel, you try to piece together what is going on and why you’ve been called to action.

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Defeated enemies leave behind shards called Motes, and you must collect them to gain XP. You can also find Motes floating around each area, and they are a must since they allow you to level up and receive new Blessings. The enemies you defeat will release larger and more valuable Motes, but you must act fast because if you don’t grab them within a second they will end up turning into small Motes. This means you’ll need to fight in close range with your firearms if you want to quickly level up, putting yourself in danger at all times.

You have Miracles available as part of your arsenal. These are powerful and deadly skills that can be assigned to the Triangle and Circle buttons, and they will certainly be very useful. The first two you’ll have access to will allow you to send all enemies around you flying back away from you – this is excellent for the times when you feel overwhelmed. The other one releases a large orb of energy that damages any enemies it touches as it flies forward and then back towards you, like a boomerang.

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You can obtain extra weapons on top of your stock pistols. While your pistols have infinite ammo, extra weapons from lockers have limited bullets but are also more powerful or have an increased fire rate. Each weapon has different stats for damage dealt per shot, the speed at which it fires, the amount of ammo it has, and more. Sometimes you might, for example, keep a weapon with a low ammo count because each deals a lot of damage and has piercing ammo. Other times you might grab a fast firing weapon that does lower damage because you’re in a room full of small or mid-size enemies that need to be dealt with ASAP.

Difficulty automatically adjusts as you play depending on how good you are. If you’re running, jumping and dashing all over the place as you defeat Daemons without receiving damage, the difficulty will go up. The better you are and the higher the difficulty, the more experience you’ll get, so it’s certainly a nice trade-off that makes it all worth it in the end.

Some areas will go into lockdown when you enter, forcing you to survive for a set amount of time while enemies continue to spawn. Surviving a constant onslaught of small and large enemies without being able to exit an area considerably increases the game’s challenge for a bit, testing your skills and what you’ve learned from your time with Seraph. As long as you have enough hit points, are properly armed and can get into the groove, you’ll be able to survive these arena-style spaces.

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You’ll also run into heavily fortified doors that must be opened by triggering a switch at another location. The first one I found had a timer after being opened which meant I had to rush back to try and enter the room it was guarding before it closed. It was certainly worth it since I found a journal, a checkpoint for me to continue in case of a game over, and a topaz coin that raised my HP by 80. So if you find a locked door, definitely search for the corresponding switch because the stuff behind the door is very valuable.

I soon managed to unlock Daemonsight, a very interesting skill that allowed me to pick demon body parts from dead daemons for crafting. This opens up a new element in the game since once you have enough parts and energy, you’ll be able to craft stronger weapons, coins, and items that will be randomly added to chests and lockers in the game. Crafting a coin that grants you an extra 100+ HP while also raising other stats will boost your performance considerably.

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Seraph includes a full trophy count with a Platinum, and it’s a varied list with goals for killing enemies, collecting story logs, entering a top score in the daily challenge, upgrading your blessings, greatly increasing the game’s difficulty, and more. A fast Platinum this is not, and there’s plenty of challenge along the way towards that shiny trophy.

I could go on and on about other cool stuff that Seraph does right, such as its Daily Challenges, Survival, or the Rebirth option which allows you to be reborn with permanent boosts to your stats at the cost of losing everything else, but all of these extra elements are things you have to experience on your own. Seraph is a fun PS4 release with solid gameplay mechanics and plenty of content to keep you busy. Some of you might feel that the game’s gameplay is a bit repetitive, so be sure to check a couple of videos if the trailer in this Seraph review does not immediately grab your attention.

This Seraph review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Dreadbit.

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