[PS4] Semispheres Review

by Tracey

Semispheres is a very relaxing yet challenging puzzler. The game is a single-player experience where you control two colored circles – one is orange, and the other is blue. The mechanics are simple and make this an excellent pick up and play release. Want to learn more? Then read our Semispheres review!

The premise is that you control the two spheres simultaneously through each level and guide them to their respective exits. The left stick controls the orange sphere, and the right stick controls the blue sphere. Each color is controlled as if you were gaming on a split screen, with the left screen being for orange and the right screen for blue.

You have to plan ahead and must help the other sphere become unstuck in their section. Some levels feature sentries that reset your sphere back to its starting point, so your left and right hands will have to work together to reunite the two worlds together. Levels also have portals and, as expected, the orange sphere can go through orange portals to appear in the blue world and vice versa. This is a clever tool for puzzle solving, and it keeps the gameplay fresh. The first few levels with these portals may make the game look easy, but in truth the difficulty does ramp up slowly as you progress.

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Another clever mechanic is you that can move the portals with the left and right shoulder buttons – depending on which colored portal you want to move. You’ll, therefore, need to use this to your advantage to step away from the visual range of sentries as you try to distract them so that they move away from their usual spot, granting you a short window of opportunity for getting far, far away from them.

Even though the difficulty does increase considerably by the last set of levels in the game, this one is first and foremost a relaxing puzzler, and even the music is quite soothing. There are no timers, so you’ll be able to play the game at your own pace.

The only complaint I have for the game is that it does not include Platinum trophy. As a trophy hunter, a Platinum trophy in a puzzle game is always something I’d like to see, but it’s certainly not a deal-breaker and not something that would keep me from playing this excellent release.

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I really enjoyed Semispheres. Its ambience, colors, graphics and music all blend to provide you with a very relaxed experience. Having to use both hands will certainly keep you busy as you try to make the most of your skills during the game’s clever puzzles. You’ll need to be careful with every action so that you can keep your spheres safe, but since there are no game overs per se, you’ll be able to enjoy this game as you try and persevere.

Semisphere is a solid puzzle game, and it’s worth your time and money, It a relaxing experience that is perfect after a lousy day at school or work so that you can kick back and relax as you play to your heart’s content.

This Semispheres review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Vivid Helix.

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