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by EdEN, Owner

Mekazoo from The Good Mood Creators is a colorful, charming, fast-paced and fun platformer on PlayStation 4. Come read our Mekazoo review to see why this is a game you have to get on PlayStation 4 today!

You begin your journey by controlling an armored mechanical armadillo in what serves as the game’s tutorial. It is here where you’ll get to familiarize yourself with the controls for Mekazoo. You can use the L1 and R1 buttons (or the Square and Triangle buttons) to switch between characters once you’ve unlocked them. Actions are mapped to the L2 and R2 buttons (or the X and Circle buttons). Oh, and as expected, you move around either with the left analog stick or the D-Pad.

After completing the first stage, you’ll unlock the frog, a character that is slow on the ground but who has a large tongue it can use to grab onto things. Once you’ve grabbed something – be that an enemy or perhaps a gear – you can swing left and right to gain momentum to launch yourself flying through the air. Grabbing, swinging, and flying are the basics of the frog, and they will help you along your journey.

On top of the armadillo and the frog, there’s also a wallaby, a pelican, and a panda, giving the game a nice variety of actions for the main character thanks to the switch gameplay mechanic. Every time you unlock a new character, the difficulty goes up a bit, but the game will ease you into things – you’ll first get a chance to learn what the new character can do and how it adds to the gameplay mechanics of the other characters.
Mekazoo can be played either solo or in co-op, which is a nice bonus option and an excellent idea for this type of game. Working together to solve some of the trickier areas in the game will change how you approach each challenge – not to mention that playing with someone else certainly boosts the fun factor.

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Every level you play will reward you with medals depending on how good you did on the stage. For example, completing the level will reward you with a medal, but if you, say, complete the level within a specific time limit, you’ll get another medal. And if you defeat all enemies in a level of a specific type, you’ll get another medal. Oh, and if you don’t die? Another medal get! There’s also sets of gems you can obtain in each level. One set is for actual large gems hidden in each stage, while the second set is unlocked by collecting the energy orbs in each stage – there’s orbs in your path as well as orbs you get from defeating enemies. Getting all medals in a single run for each level is certainly not possible, so you’ll need to get good at each level for each of the requirements.

The game includes a Platinum trophy for you, and its trophy list is varied and balanced. There are trophies for collecting gems, for obtaining all medals for time requirements, for unlocking each of the mechanical animal characters, for collecting four gems by grabbing 400 energy orbs in a single level, and more. You’re looking at 24 trophies in total, with several Gold and Silver trophies in the mix.

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It’s been great playing the game for this Mekazoo review. It’s a fun and fast-paced platformer with a dynamic and interesting main gameplay mechanic that grows on you. If features great level design and a good challenge with a slow and steady difficulty curve that will never feel overwhelming. If you’re in the mood for a modern platformer on PS4, then be sure to give this one a spin!

This Mekazoo review is based on a PS4 copy provided by The Good Mood Creators.

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