[Review Revisited] Randal’s Monday

by the_nmac

Randal is having a bad Monday, in fact, several repeating very bad Monday’s in a row. Check out our Review Revisited to see how it all went so bad for Randal!

Randal’s Monday is an homage to adventure games of the 1990s. It pays tribute to them while still aiming at creating something that is different and unique.

It’s a fun adventure game that at some points can become really difficult, but that’s half the fun as you try to figure out what you need to do and bang your head against a wall for a bit.

The voice cast is excellent for the game with Jeff Anderson, Clerk’s own Randal, doing a bang up job in the role. There are also a few cameos of the Obnoxious and Silent variety.

Randal’s Monday was very fun on PlayStation 4. Some of the technical hiccups I ran into when I originally reviewed the game should be gone by now, making this a fun walk through memory lane, with a ton of nods to 1990’s culture and 1990’s adventure games. Play this game on Sony’s home console to see what you’re missing out on!

You can check our review for Randal’s Monday right here.


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