[Review Revisited] inFAMOUS First Light

by Ceidz, Owner

inFAMOUS First Light is a stand-alone DLC release that was launched to continue with what inFamous Second Son set out to do. Recently revisited Second Son a few weeks ago, and I figured I should now talk about First Light!

The events in First Light happen around two years prior to the events from inFAMOUS Second Son. This time around players control Fetch as the main character. On her way to save her brother Brent from an evil gang, things take a turn for the unexpected, and this sets up the story for this shorter but polished game. It is set in the same city as Second Son (albeit only the upper half of it), so graphically it is on par with the main release.

I liked playing the campaign of inFAMOUS First Light, which is around 6 hours or so, as I neonized my way through the city. The skill tree unlocks as you progress so even in this release there is a slight skill progression. I’m glad they chose to show Fetch’s story over the other protagonist of Second Son because she was my favorite character of the main game. I’d even say I liked her more than Delsin Rowe!

iNFAMOUS First Light is a stand-alone DLC (which weighs in at roughly 10GB), so it can be played even if you don’t own iNFAMOUS Second Son. One warning: even though it is a prequel, it might feel weird if you play it before taking on Second Son since First Light does rely heavily on players knowing about the events that transpired in Second Son. Other than that, I highly recommend you play this game!

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