[PS4] Super Blast Deluxe Review

by Tracey

Super Blast Deluxe is a fun game on PlayStation 4 with charming graphics where you are always on the move. Do you remember the blast barrel sections from Donkey Kong Country? How would you like to take those gameplay mechanics out for a spin in a challenging PS4 release? Come read our Super Blast Deluxe review to learn more about the game!

You play as an imp. You notice that the human race looks pretty bored at night, and decide that things need to change. This is why the imp decides to add some more boom to things by getting into a barrel and blasting himself into the night sky. This creates a ton of fireworks which certainly gets the attention of humans!

Super Blast Deluxe is a sidescrolling puzzler with some time management involved. There’s also a dash of RPG elements in this one since you a skill tree to take care of. You’ll also have 12 characters to unlock in the game, each one offering different bonuses- some might, for example, give you a boost to your score!

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The mechanics are very easy since all you do is tap the action button to explode the current barrel so that you can take the Imp to another barrel. Things in-game aren’t as simple since you’ll run into obstacles that will get in your way. You can move the barrel in certain sections to go up, down left and right as needed so that you can line up a shot fo the next barrel.

While you do all this, you will need to collect three Golden Peppers and master each level from start to finish in the fastest possible time to earn you three stars. Timing is of the utmost importance, so you’ll need to learn and memorize the fastest path to the exit. Yes, playing a level multiple times is a must!

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Getting a high score is absolutely important in this game since you need to score high enough to progress to other levels. There are multiple ways to earn a high score, including performing tricks. If you don’t score high enough, you’ll need to replay the level – but don’t worry since it’s never frustrating.

The skill tree in Super Blast Deluxe caught me by surprise since it was certainly something I wasn’t expecting for an action title like this one! Once I came across the store with a huge glass window and a red sign above it I was able to spend some of the points I had collected. You can upgrade things such as agility to improve your stats, and you can gain skills to make your time witht he game a bit easier – would you like to be able to slow down time?

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Each area has about ten stages, which is nice for a small indie title. But the best news is that this release includes a Platinum Trophy! It’s a very challenging list that will require that you master the game, so be ready for a hearty dose of action!

The game was a lot of fun and a good game to play on PlayStation 4. The fast-paced action definitely continues to become more challenging and hectic as you progress in the game, which is why you’ll need to focus 100% on the screen at all times because one mistake can ruin your run!

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This Super Blast Deluxe review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Raptus Games.

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