[PS4] Spheroids Review

by Tracey

Spheroids is a fun 2D platformer currently available for Sony platforms. It’s a charming release with plenty of action that will grab you as soon as you start playing. I was pleasantly surprised with what the game has to offer! Want to learn more? Then read our Spheroids review!

The game is set in a world where aliens called Spheroids have invaded. The aliens, as the title suggests, are circular in shape and come in multiple sizes and colors. Lucas is the main protagonist tasked with saving the world before it is too late. Luckily he’s not alone in this quest since he has the help of a mad scientist who will provide him with some fun gadgets to aid him on his quest.

The story is presented during small cutscenes that play between each chapter, and which serve as a fun diversion while also giving players a look at how the new gadgets affect the gameplay. The difficulty will slowly ramp up as new enemy types are introduced during cutscenes as well to keep things fresh.

The gameplay mechanics are simple. You can only shoot either up or down as you try to destroy the circular fiends that bounce around each level. The larger the size of a spheroid, the more enemies it will split into in total as you hit them with your weapon. You can also destroy blocks above or below you which will sometimes release power-ups to help you for a short period or until you end up dying. Speaking of that, when you die you’re sent to the last checkpoint you activated, and since the game has plenty of them, you’ll never have to redo large sections.

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Spheroids has plenty of levels to test your skills, all packed with enemies either on the platforming sections or during small arena locations where you have to defeat all spheroids – and activate a switch or two – before you can carry on.

The gadgets you’ll unlock include a handy grappling hook as well as other things I won’t spoil in here. The are immediately after a new gadget is introduced will allow you to practice with it so that you can get the hang of things. That way you can understand how it affects gameplay before you have to use more than one gadget at a time to stay alive!

The first few chapters are very easy and basically prepare you for the action on the last set of chapters. The challenge ramps up considerably at a steady pace, but the game avoids being frustrating by making sure that all enemies you managed to defeat before dying do not respawn. That means that every bit of progress you make in a level remains, which is a nice touch and very different from how other games handle checkpoints.

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There are plenty of power-ups for you to obtain either from the vending machines at the start of each area or as pickups from the enemies you defeat or the blocks you destroy. These include extra hit points, items that slowdown or freeze time, to name a few. You can also use your money to upgrade the power-ups so that they become more useful, so be sure to save some money as needed!

The pixel art style for the game is very minimalist yet vibrant and colorful. It definitely grabbed my attention as it was very charming from start to finish! The music also fits the action on the screen – it’s something I liked a lot for this release!

Unfortunately, there’s no Platinum trophy, but at least the trophy list is an easy one to 100% There’s trophies for completing each chapter, for collecting trophies, for defeating X number of spheroids and more. The good news is that the game is a cross-buy release so you can play this one either at home on your PS4 or on the go with your PS Vita.

Spheroids Review - 6

I had a lot of fun with Spheroids. I was certainly interested in playing this one for our review since its art style and premise had definitely grabbed my attention, and I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that the game was even more entertaining that I expected! If you need a fun little 2D platformer for your Sony hardware, then be sure to give Spheroids a try!

This Spheroids review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Eclipse Games.

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