[Review Revisited] Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

by EdEN, Owner

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions on PlayStation 4 is a very fun and fast-paced arcade-style twin-stick shooter you have to play.

It’s a great “pick up and play” game on Sony’s home console that is excellent for either short bursts of gaming or for spending ours playing “in the zone.” There’s a ton to do in every stage, and if you want to add all of its trophies – including a Platinum – to your collection, you’re looking at 40+ hours of gaming. That is, if you’re good enough as to overcome its challenges!

Here’s an excerpt from my original review.

I still remember having a lot of fun with Geometry Wars: Galaxies on the Nintendo Wii thanks to the huge amount of content included on the disc, as well as to the colorful graphics and polished gameplay. What is Geometry Wars 3? It is an arcade style twin shooter where anything that moves is your enemy, and therefore anything that moves must be destroyed.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

You can read the original review in full by clicking right here.

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