[PSX 2016] Celeste Coming To PlayStation 4

by EdEN, Owner

Indie studio Matt Makes Games (Matt Thorson) is hard at work on Celeste, a new take on a game created for the PICO-8 fantasy console back in 2015. We definitely like what the game is going to offer, so be sure to check out our extended screenshot gallery after the break – as well as some new info!

Here is an extended look at the game thanks to our friends at Polygon:

And here’s what Matt himself had to say about the game:

Celeste is inspired by real-life rock climbing. The fun of maneuvering yourself up a cliff, the rush of reaching for a hold just beyond safety, and the challenge of pushing yourself to go a bit further than last time. I love how a climbing route often looks impossible at first glance, but through experimentation and creative thinking you can find the necessary contortions to scale your way to the top.

Reaching the summit of Celeste’s mountain won’t be easy. The lineage of Celeste’s design can be traced back to difficult platformers from the SNES era, as well as some modern indie classics. If you like platformers and love a challenge, you’ll want to test your skills and see how high you can climb. Of course we’re working to make sure Celeste is accessible to a wide range of players, but everyone knows when they start that climbing a mountain was never going to be easy.

Celeste - 3

Celeste - 2

Celeste - 1

Celeste - 4

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