[PS4] Small Radios Big Televisions Review

by Tracey

Small Radios Big Televisions is a very weird and fun game. You collect cassette tapes that lead you to bizarre scenes to explore. For this one, you’ll play as a nameless character who put’s on a VR headset to explore each building. While you do this as him, you’ll be able to find collectibles and solve puzzles. The game’s graphics are bright and colorful, and the setting feels very 1980’s. Is this one you should play on PS4? Come read our Small Radios Big Televisions review to find out!

The premise is that you explore abandoned facilities using your in-game VR headset. At first, you may find the game to be quite confusing and mysterious. The story is almost non-existent, but that aside you will find the game is very intriguing. You will certainly feel the urge to explore every nook and cranny!

This particular release is part exploration and part point and click adventure game. It is not a proper point and click game in the truest of the genre’s form, but it does draw some elements from the genre. You will point and click through multiple doors within a building, and your main objective is to unlock the next path to follow.

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The indoor environments often look very similar with some unique elements here and there to bring some variety. After every building you clear there will be a bump in difficulty. This makes the interiors more complex to explore – kind of like a proper maze. There are five levels in total, so the game is a short one, but it’s enjoyable from start to finish.

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As for the puzzles they mostly involve a key and a door, so not overly taxing. The cassettes are often behind key and door puzzles. Your virtual reality headset is capable of whisking you to various worlds, but that only happens when you discover a new cassette. Trust me when I say you’ll experience some trippy worlds!

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You can also pan around looking for gems, and there are plenty to find! As you explore each area you’ll notice that the location might become a bit glitchy and discolored, but that’s just how the game has been made.
There is a sense of creepiness to the game since you never know where you’ll end up next.

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Going back to the collectibles, you can also find some hidden lens. Each level has one and finding it will give you some insight into the game’s story. Mind you, eveyrone will probably end up with more questions than answers once everything is said and one, but it’s a nice extra to aim for.

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As I mentioned before, the overall game is relatively short. You can probably see everything the game has to offer in around 2-3 hours at most. I loved the creepiness and all the weird and wonderful things in the game. The game is different and original, and I definitely recommend that you try it.

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This Small Radios Big Televisions review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Adult Swim Games.

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