[PS4] Feist Review

by Tracey

Feist from Bits & Beasts and Finji is a very tough platformer. Upon first booting up, I was instantly reminded of Limbo due to its atmosphere and aesthetics. The graphics really grab you from the start, with colorful backdrops and black vegetation, trees and deadly enemies. Is the story like and how good? How’s the gameplay? Come read our Feist review to find out!

Feist offers no story via text or narrative – instead the story is told visually. You play as a small spiked hedgehog-like creature, imprisoned in a tiny wooden box suspended high up. The little creature manages to free itsel and escape… and now has to navigate through the dangerous 2D wilderness. The area is packed with dangerous animals and hazardous traps that will bring certain death!

Feist only has ten levels, but thanks to its difficulty tens levels is really all you’ll need. The difficulty will ramp up considerably as you enter each new level. The game is certainly not aimed at the casual market! And for those of you who call yourself and expert in speedrunning a game, Feist might be a humbling experience! You’ll require a lot of patience and perseverance to master the speedrun challenges in Feist.

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Earlier levels will feel easy because enemies can be avoided and booby traps are very few and far between. But for later levels you will have to fight enemies using the environment or risk being overwhelmed and killed. You can use your mouth to pick up sticks, stones, pinecones, etc. Weapons are in limited supply, so you have to make every hit count! As for the enemies, you’ll run into bees, caterpillers, and other weird looking flying and ground-based enemies.

Along with them, you’ll have to avoid booby traps that are placed everywhere, some of which feel almost impossible to avoid! Traps can be triggered simply by, say, stepping on them, and this will probably send a bunch of spikes flying at you as they virtually cover the screen. If you find yourself in a situation such as this, your only option will be to find cover before it is too late.

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The graphics and music for Feist are great and will keep you engaged as you play the game. The graphics fit the mood of the game, and the music gives this lonely aura to the action that gives us a sense for how the main character is kinda lonely in the dangerous wilderness.

The game has Platinum trophy to earn, which is always great news for trophy hunters. The bad news is that a good chunk of them are speedrun related, which means not many will end up getting them or the Platinum.

Feist Review - 3

I had a good time with Feist and loved what the game set out to do on PlayStation 4. There’s more than enough content to keep you entertained, and the game’s challenge will test your skills every step of the way. If you’re looking for a 2D game on PlayStation 4 you should definitely check out Feist!

This Feist review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Finji.

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