[PS4] Bridge Constructor Review

by Tracey

Bridge Constructor as a game is exactly what it sounds like. You are an engineer in charge of constructing bridges that are safe enough for cars, trucks, and tankers to pass through safely. You do this across five islands that consist of eight levels per island, plus a bonus island with another eight levels for your entertainment. Want to learn more? Then come read our Bridge Constructor review!

In theory, you could technically complete the whole game in around five hours. But since you have to complete each bridge within a set budget, the extra challenge will keep you busy for a bit longer if you want to 100% the game. Sure, you need to construct the bridge that is strong enough for cars and trucks. But when you unlock the tankers you will need to rebuild all the bridges to account for them. And yes, all within a specific budget!

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Fortunately, there are no timers in this one, so you can take your time and build the bridges with complete and total freedom. At the start the only material available to you is wood, but as you progress you will unlock other materials to have fun with like steel, cables, and concrete. Each material has a cost associated with it, so do keep that in mind! The cheaper your bridge is, in the end, the bigger your score. Cars don’t offer bonus points, but trucks do.

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For some bridge designs you will need to be pretty clever, and yes, you will fail several times before you find the perfect solution. The only way to learn how to make a good bridge is by making mistakes along the way! Apart from a simple tutorial at the start, there is absolutely no hand holding in Bridge Constructor. When you screw up, the game doesn’t tell you how you screwed up – you have to figure that part out for yourself!

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And for all you trophy hunters out there, I’m happy to report that Bridge Constructor includes a Platinum trophy, and an easy one at that! Perseverance and a lot of time are all it will take for you to get every trophy in the game. Those of you who are more artistically inclined will certainly do better.

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The music is something I didn’t like as it sounds really boring and monotonous. I think the music could be jazzed up a bit. I honestly ended up turning the music off in the game’s menu. Aside from that, I had an absolute blast playing Bridge Constructor, and I can easily recommend that you give this one a go on PlayStation 4.

Bridge Constructor Review - 5

This Bridge Constructor review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Headup Games.

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