[PS4] Batman: New World Order Review

by EdEN, Owner

New World Order, the third episode of Batman – The Telltale Series, picks up after the events of the debate between Harvey Dent and Mayor Hamilton Hill.

The Children of Arkham have revealed themselves and start to wreak havoc in Gotham! As is the case with all other reviews for an episode of a Telltale Games series, anything following this line is considering spoiler territory. Still with us? Then come read our Batman: New World Order review to learn more about this new episode!

Since Mayor Hill died during the Penguin’s massacre, Harvey Dent ended up becoming mayor of Gotham. This is certainly not the way Harvey wanted to do things, especially since he thought he surely had a clear path to winning the election. Unfortunately, the Children of Arkham got in the way of his plans, and he must make do with the hand he has been dealt.

Batman: New World Order Review - 3

The actions and choices made during the first two episodes of the series will start to impact what you can and can’t do in this episode, as well as how other characters feel about both Bruce Wayne and Batman. For example:





During the second episode’s final section I decided to save Selina instead of saving Harvey, which allowed Penguin to bash Harvey’s head with a studio light. As you can imagine, this ends up giving Harvey his Two-Face look for Episode 3, and he’s not too happy about his current situation. After a fight with the Children of Arkham goes wrong, Catwoman saves Batman before it’s too late and takes him back to her apartment. Since I saved her, Bruce can get intimate with Selina. Had I refused to help her during that final battle in Episode 2, she would not have been nice with Bruce during this scene.

Batman: New World Order Review - 4

The end of this episode is very much an unexpected twist, and it leaves things on a big cliffhanger for the events of Episode 4 to unravel. Let’s just say that after the final part of Episode 3, things will never be the same for Bruce Wayne or Batman. I really liked this episode, and can’t wait to see what Episode 4 brings!

Batman: New World Order Review - 5

This Batman: New World Order review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Telltale Games.

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