[PS4] Batman: Guardian of Gotham Review

by EdEN, Owner

Guardian of Gotham is the fourth episode of Batman – The Telltale Series, which sees Bruce Wayne under a very stressful situation after the events of the third episode.

The Children of Arkham are free to wreak havoc in Gotham now that Batman has gone MIA (for obvious reasons you’ll find out about during the first minutes of this new episode. As is the case with all other reviews for an episode of a Telltale Games series, anything following this line is considering spoiler territory. Are you ready? Then read our Batman: Guardian of Gotham review to find out more about this episode!

The reveal at the end of episode 3 that Vicky Vale is actually Lady Arkham was certainly unexpected. And her drugging Bruce during the press conference where Cobblepot is announced as the new leader of Wayne Enterprises is certainly diabolic. A drugged out Bruce is coerced by Vicky to attack Cobblepot, which opens the door for Harvey to have Bruce sent into Arkham Asylum for treatment.

Batman - Guardian of Akrham Review - 1

While inside of the asylum things get worse for Bruce thanks to a crooked guard who lets other inmates into his cell. While still under the effects of Lady Arkham’s drugs, Bruce struggles to fight back when he’s saved by one John Doe, a funny guy who is inside of the asylum… for reasons, no one knows since there’s no record of John being admitted in the first place. With the help of John Doe, Bruce manages to legally escape from Arkham. There’s a big decision players will have to make during this section that will surely play a bigger role in the series finale, so be ready!

Batman - Guardian of Akrham Review - 2

The final section in the game will change where you’ll start during the first part of Episode 5… and your decision will certainly have a bigger impact than you think. Let’s just say that the cliffhanger for Episode 4 is certainly something you’re going to like.

Batman - Guardian of Akrham Review - 3

This episode felt as if it was actually shorter than the previous three episodes, but it probably had more to do with there being less exposition to take care of since we’re only an episode away from the end. I look forward to playing City of Lights to see how it all ends, and I hope that a second season is in the cards because I’ve had a lot of fun with what Telltale Games is doing with the Batman license.

This Batman: Guardian of Gotham review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Telltale Games.

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