[PS Vita] Stranded: A Mars Adventure Review

by Tracey

There have been plenty of fun indie games released for the PlayStation Vita during 2016, and I hope this trend will continue well into 2017. Stranded: A Mars Adventure from Tama Games is a very fun platformer on Sony’s portable console with enough content to keep you busy for several hours. Come read our Stranded: A Mars Adventure review to learn more about the game!

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You play as an astronaut who is stranded on the planet Mars. You must find your way back home by finding oxygen supplies to keep you alive. You’ll explore 40 fun-filled levels which ramp up in difficulty as you progress through the game. The levels are 2D in nature, and each features more than one paths for you to take. An autorunner this certainly ain’t!

There’s also a bit of extra strategy thrown into the mix since your oxygen supply is limited, and you’ll lose oxygen as time passes, as well as when you activate your jetpack. You must, therefore, collect oxygen capsules in each level as you go if you want to stay alive!

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After completing each level, you are rated depending on your performance. You can earn up to three stars per level depending on how fast you completed it, how many nuts you’ve collected and how many oxygen capsules you secured. If you’re someone who likes to 100% a game, getting three stars in every level will extend your time with Stranded.

The nuts you collect are either bronze, silver or gold. As you can imagine, gold nuts are more valuable than silver and silver are more valuable than bronze. All the nuts you collect are used as the game’s currency and will allow you to upgrade your stats or purchase new suits. Adding more oxygen to your suit, being able to fly higher and further with your jetpack and having extra lives to try and beat each level are certainly a must.

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The graphics for Stranded are cute and charming, with some solid pixel art. The game’s music is more on the minimalistic side of things, but it does make you feel like you’re all alone on another planet, trying to stay alive.

The game does not have a Platinum trophy. It does feature 13 trophies in total, split between 1 Gold, 3 Silver and 9 Bronze. You’ll be tasked with completing all levels with a three star rating, upgrading most of your stats and purchasing and using all suits in the game in order to 100%, so there’s a nice variety in this list.

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Despite how the game might feel a bit repetitive to some I was never bored during my time with Stranded: A Mars Adventure. This game is an excellent option for the PS Vita since you can play a level or two at a time when you have some free time, improving your rating for each level as you go. I had a blast doing my Stranded: A Mars Adventure review and highly recommend this game for PS Vita. It’s a release that that oozes charm, and is definitely worth a look!

This Stranded: A Mars Adventure review is based on a PS Vita copy provided by Tama Games.

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