[PS Vita] Neon Chrome Review

by Tracey

10tons is an indie studio that over the years has given us some fun console and portable games on PlayStation systems. Their latest release is a twin stick shooter called Neon Chrome. This one is an isometric cyberpunk roguelike shooter, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it! It’s highly addictive, fast-paced and very entertaining. Want to learn why? Then come read our Neon Chrome review!

The premise of Neon Chrome is that you have to climb a big skyscraper to take out the Overseer who has control over the thousands of people within the building. While the game is a bit of a roguelike, you can still die and still make some progress in the game. When you die any money you earn can be spent on upgrades to improve your stats so that you can go back to try and get higher and higher. Since the levels are randomly generated, learning your way around is a no go, but the randomness does keep the game interesting.

Neon Chrome Review - 1

The enemies are plentiful, but not as varied as I would have wanted them to be. You have your standard infantry soldiers, along with robotic spiders that can shoot in different directions, flying sentry bots, enforcers and more. Once a room is clear of all enemies, you can move on to the next level, and rinse and repeat.

Neon Chrome Review - 2

Shooting is fun, but not very easy since there is no auto lock. You need to make sure you do not waste your ammo, so aim carefully before you shoot! And speaking of shooting, you’ll be happy to learn that the environments are fully destructible, which is certainly great. If you’ve had a tough day at work, take out your frustration on the environments and enjoy as the glass shatters around you!

Neon Chrome Review - 3

There is a fantastic selection of classes in the game, so you will be able to find the class that best suits your playing style. Experiment with each character to see which one works best for you – you might like a faster character instead of one with more power!

Neon Chrome Review - 4

As I mentioned before, you can use your money to purchase upgrades to help you progress. If you have played games like Flame Over, where you die and then use your money to purchase upgrades, you’ll have an idea of how things work in Neon Chrome. You can purchase perma stat increases to your health, damage, critical hit chances and more. The game is very grindy and time-consuming if you want to 100% it. Unfortunately, there is no Platinum trophy at the end of the road!

Neon Chrome Review - 5

The game has a big focus in replayability, and with that in mind, there are several new game plus opportunities with tougher enemies and bosses, as well as better loot and so on. This is the ideal game for players with time on their hands and relatively short backlogs.

Neon Chrome Review - 6

The game has a lot on offer and for a reasonable price. I enjoyed playing this release for my Neon Chrome review. While it’s not perfect, and it doesn’t have a Platinum trophy, it’s still a ver fun release you can enjoy either at home on your PS4 or on the go on your PS Vita.

Neon Chrome Review - Boss

This Neon Chrome review is based on a PS Vita copy provided by 10tons.

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