Divide Coming To PlayStation 4 On January 31

by EdEN, Owner

Exploding Tuba Studios is hard at work on Divide, a PlayStation 4 game they’ll be releasing in 2017 – on January 31st to be precise!

The game was available during PlayStation Experience 2016 for all to enjoy, and they’ve now released a new trailer for the game, as well as new screenshots and information you can check below.

Chris Tilton, Founder of Exploding Tuba Studios, had this to say about the game:

Divide has always been about an ordinary person being thrown into extraordinary circumstances. You play as David, a father who is ripped away from his daughter and the security of his familiar life. He suddenly finds himself in a strange new world that challenges the very foundation of what he thought was real. Believe it or not, that’s the easy part. As a player, you experience this with most games. What is the setting? What are the dangers? How do I interact with the world? But with Divide, we strived to make sure the gameplay never betrays the story.

So Divide is not a stealth action game. In fact, we consider it more of a lonely sci-fi dungeon crawl. Primarily, Divide is concerned with exploration, mystery, and uncertainty. David experiences the interactive aspect of the world through digital contact lenses that expose an augmented reality veneer over the environment. With this level of magical technology it was easy to imagine that dialog with companion characters could occur remotely on some sort of radio channel.

We definitely liked the game’s trailer, its new screenshots and premise, so we’ll try to bring you a review for it in 2017!

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