Retro-Looking JRPG Asdivine Hearts Coming To PS4 This Winter

by Ceidz, Owner

Asdivine Hearts is a new 16-Bit-esque JRPG. Kemco, the game’s developer, announced that it will be coming to PlayStation 4 this winter! I’m familiar with Kemco’s releases and look forward to playing this one. I actually played End of Serenity for review, so I’m definitely hyped for this one!

Kemco also announced that Asdivine Hearts will be 3-Way Cross-Buy between the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Vita version. Yes, one purchase gets you all three versions!

We know that many users request cross buy support. Well, we’re also happy to announce that the game will support cross buy on all platforms! So if you get the game on PS4 or PS3 for your home, for example, you can enjoy the fantastic world of Asdivine while you’re on the train with your PS Vita as well!

Anyone interested in this type of retro-looking RPG?

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