ARK Park Coming to PlayStation VR in 2017

by EdEN, Owner

We’re currently playing ARK: Survival Evolved on PlayStation 4 to bring you a review (fun game so far!). Snail Games got in touch to mention that for 2017 we’ll be getting ARK park, a virtual reality experience where you’ll get to explore an area packer with over 100 creates from the Jurassic era.

There’s no solid release date for the game other than it’s coming in 2017.

Sky Wu, Executive Producer for Snail Games, had this to say:

Visitors to ARK Park will be able to head out on Excursions into the lush biomes to explore and witness dinosaurs up close. At various points during the Excursions, visitors will be on-foot, riding dinosaurs, or riding vehicles. While on these Excursions, visitors will be able to participate in Gene collection of these fantastic creatures. Through crafting of ARK tools, lures, and weapons, visitors may collect Gene Cubes from the many dinosaurs and extinct creatures throughout the habitat, including more than 100 unique species.

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