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by EdEN, Owner

We’re currently playing the creepy game Wick to bring you a review, so before that we give you an interview with Hellbent Games where we talk about the game’s development for PlayStation 4.

PS4Blog.net: Welcome to PS4blog.net. Can you get us going by introducing yourself to our readers and telling them a bit about your work?

My name is Christopher Mair and I am the creative director at Hellbent. I basically oversee the production of our games and give creative feedback as well as design certain elements of the games.

PS4B: We’re here to discuss Wick, a game now available on PlayStation 4. How do you describe this to someone who does not know about it?

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Wick is a creepy pasta style game. You have to survive a night in a haunted forest where you have heard urban legends about children stalking the night. You are left in the woods with only a lit candle, six matches and your will to survive.

Wick - 1

PS4B: Going from the many LEGO games the studio has worked on to something considerably darker is an interesting twist. What drew you to the almost eternal darkness and always present danger and creepiness of Wick? Why this game?

We have been working on games for along time and have done many games including LEGO titles, RTS, action and more. With Wick we were actually approached by a company that wanted us to create something based on their horror franchise. We ultimately didn’t end up making that game. But that experience lit a spark in us and we loved the concept of creating something dark and creepy.

Wick came out of our first brainstorming sessions when we decided we had enough time to create something on our own. We also love the creepy pasta genre and wanted to tell our own story… or at least create a game where the player can dig deeper and discover the story. We really love the horror genre so this was a very natural fit for us.

Wick - 2

PS4B: How long did it take the team to complete the game from the concept stage to the final release? What did you learn along the way that helped to make Wick a better game?

The game from concept to release on PS4 was about 7 months. The initial concept was strong: survive a night in the woods with just a candle. The problem was that we assumed too many things. We originally had lots of candles scattered through the trees. But players never left the path system or felt a sense of urgency. We reduced the candles but that just made people get frustrated. It wasn’t until the last month of development we came up with the sparkle idea to draw players to the candles.

Another thing we did was place fewer candles in more interesting locations and the sparkles drew the players toward them. This helped a few things: moving players off the beaten paths and getting them to explore the creepy locations they otherwise would stay out of. We also originally had the concept of fighting the children but that made the game much less scary. We are really happy with the final results.

Wick - 3

PS4B: It is interesting that it does not feature a full trophy count with a Platinum trophy. Was a Platinum trophy ever contemplated for this one or did you have a specific set of trophies in mind for players to unlock?

The number of trophies were limited by Sony because we are a digital release.

Wick - 5

PS4B: So, what’s next for Hellbent Games? Are there any other projects you’d like to discuss with us along with Tides?

We are working on a multiplayer game right now and I will say that it is survival horror, but I can’t release anything more yet.

Wick - 4

PS4B: And that’s all the time we have today. Would you like to add anything else before we go?

Thanks for playing the game. We’re hoping Wick is a big enough success that we can make more in the series. We have a lot of new creepy things we want to do!

And we hope you have enjoyed this interview. Let us know in the comments below what you think of the game and its trailer. And be sure to stick around at PS4blog.net for our review of Wick. It will be going live later this week for you to enjoy!

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